Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

There exists large number of inversion table in the market though not all of them can be good. A medium in version table can cost you a several hundred dollars. Knowing the features and specifications of all tables is of great importance. It helps you compare all the tables and obtain the best inversion table offering maximum benefit at low cost.

Types of Inversion Table Review

There exist a thousand types of Best inversion table written of different modes but most of the tables are written mostly for promotional purposes meaning that they do not contain genuine information. Here is truthful information on inversion table benefits specifications so as to save your investment.

Brief Overview of the Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

Computer invention has opened new doors although it has affected the human race with some diseases such as eye problems and back pain .Most of the people spend most of their time in laptop and computers as their job requires them to spend more time in computers and laptops resulting to back pain at younger age. In days back, back pain was common in older people but in recent times it has affected a bigger group of young people.

How Inversion Tables Work

An inversion therapy table is equipment inverting our body. It uses the gravity force to work. Pressure automatically decreases on our back bone when bodies get inverted. This also makes the flow of blood to increase to the direction of the affected area. When this happens , this decreases back pain to great extent.

Benefits of Inversion Table Review

Relaxes our muscle- Best inversion tables can naturally improve your posture for your spine helping to eliminate back pain permanently.

Improves blood circulation of blood in the body

Types Inversion Tables Existing In the Market

1. Inversion table ironman gravity 4000

2. Champ Body IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

3. IFP 4000 Ironman Therapy Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

4. Ironman 1000 Gravity Inversion Table

5. Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table EP_560 Ltd.

6. Body Max Inversion Therapy table IT6000.

Customers Say On Ironman Gravity 4000 Table

The feedback from customers proves that it cannot provide useful information. Most of the people consider it more insufficient for curing back pain. Some few people complained that it leads to increase in weight. Some complained that the price is relatively higher despite extra features offered.


After comparing the features, benefits and draw backs of the table, I suggest the buying of this table. For you to get safe, durable, efficient and stronger inversion table it’s a must you purchase Ironman Gravity 4000 so as to effect the back pain curing. The table is now costing $269 at Amazon.

Best Inversion Therapy Table

Best Inversion Therapy Table with physical therapy

I had back surgery in 1996. The surgeon said “I won’t see you soon, but I’ll see you again”. So for the past 17 years, I’ve stretched every morning, and kept the weight off. About 2 months ago, I had another disk blow, and blow bad. The pain started in my back, then radiated down my leg to my foot, which usually means surgery. I was trashed for 2 weeks, couldn’t sit in a chair or ride in a car. It started getting a bit better, and I began physical inversion therapy which included traction.
The therapist asked if I had ever tried an inversion table. I said it interested me, but I’d never tried it assuming they cost several hundred. He said he had one, and recommended it for a continuation of my therapy. This is the model he recommended:
As far as assembly goes, it helps to have two bored teenagers. I had the instructions, and just told them what to do. I’d say it took half an hour.

It’s very easy to use. The height adjustment is simple. the strap that adjust the tilt angle is a bit wonky. I’ve got a constant parade of teenagers through my house and they are always changing the settings. Very annoying.
It’s easy to mount, tilt, get back up, etc. And I honestly believe it is helping out with my back. I try to use it between 5 and 10 minutes a day, later in the evening. Don’t use it after 2 glasses of wine.
My only complaint is padding. If it isn’t perfectly set up, it can dig into your lower back and the back of your head. Other than that, it’s a steal. Very sturdy, sort of compact, and not so heavy that it isn’t easily moved.

Benefits Of Best Inversion Therapy Table

The good. A great table for the money, you really can not beat for the price. Seems sturdy, no frills and easy to use. My wife and I put it together in about an hour, going slow and deliberate. She called the piece and instructions and I put it together. No splits, no tears, no breaks and no pieces stripped. I hope it helps with back pain
The bad. The directions are not very good, it helps to have a two person team for assembly. The table is not what I would call portable, foldable, or transportable. Think of the footprint of an elliptical or stationary bike, it will dominate the space where you place it. That being said, IronMan 4000 Gravity inversion table does fold a bit, but the table will not fit under a bed unless you have some serious risers under your bed.
Overall, great table and great price!

Information Therapy Table updating Review

I thought now would be a good time to offer an update. I was suffering from almost constant back and neck “lock-ups”, which came about without warning and without really strenuous movement or exertion. Although I have not used this table for a long extended period of time, but let me tell you: Best Inversion Table has made a great difference in my life. I was taking lots of pain killers and muscle relaxers and they were barely making a dent on my pain level. I have not had one of those horrendous episodes since using the table.
I think you could buy more expensive tables and take lots of medication. For my money, there is no better way out of pain than one of these tables. I hope the benefits are long lasting, so far so good!!!!